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Learn to Swim Like a Mermaid! Ina's Mermaid School offers Mermaid Classes for kids & adults at a pool near you! Limited to 8 mermaids, our 2-hour classes include safety skills, monofin swimming, basic and advanced skills, synchronized moves, and swimming in a mermaid tail. Classes include a rental tail, but you can also purchase a tail of your own! 


Mermaid 101

Become an official certified Mermaid with this beginner class! Kids will learn safety skills, how to swim with a tail, and some special mermaid tricks of your own! Are you an adult looking for a chance to be a Mermaid too? Check out our MERMAIDENS 101 Classes!



A bi-weekly Mermaid empowerment program! Meet-ups feature Mermaid Swimming & Skills, Group Challenges, Mermaid character building and crafts (like making mermaid crowns, make-overs, etc), and marine environmental stewardship.


Mermaid Training

SSI Mermaid Certifications and Retreats

We now offer SSI Mermaid Certification courses: A true Mermaid workshop for adult Mers. We'll work on breathwork & underwater skills, monofinning, tail swimming, MerYoga, weighting, and SAFETY. This is a two day course held at wonderful and exciting locations!

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Mermaid Fitness For Adults! Join us for a Mermaid Aqua Workout! Peformed on the deck and on the water, this class will challenge your core and provide a great cardio workout. All participants must be able to swim. This class is for ages 15 and up.