SSI Freedive training

Diving’s purest form. This class allows you to experience the silence, power, and grace of water and nature. Learn breath holding skills, relaxation, freediving techniques, safety and more. By the end of class, divers will be able to freedive to depths between 33 and 66 feet. Certifications are offered through SSI, partnered with Mermaid SCUBA Co. NOTE: This course is at least 2 days long.


SSI Mermaid training

Looking to add a little more to your mermaid capabilities? Are ready to get your art to the next level? This 2-day course explores breath holding and control, freediving skills This class is perfect for professional mermaids, aspiring mers, and the new mermaid afficianado.

In addition, we offer SSI Mermaid Instructor Trainer courses. These courses train you or your staff to teach standardized and internationally accredited Mermaid programming at your facility. Structured like a professional mermaid retreat in amazing locations, these courses will bring you to the knowledge and skills you need to teach mermaid classes and events. We are fortunate to be affiliated with Mermaid SCUBA Co.! For basic information about these courses, click here!