Here Comes the Sun, Do Do Do Do 🌞


It’s warming up! The sun is bright, the water is cool, and mermaids everywhere are diving in for a fun time in the water. As the season get’s warmer, it’s important both to be mindful of how you can keep the environment safe AND keep youself safe while swimming in your tails. Here are some important tips to remember as you start getting outside this season!

Never Swim Alone!

The #1 rule of mermaid swimming is to never swim alone. This topic covers ALL aspects of mermaid swimming - from watching your little mermaid in the pool, to swimming together in a pool, to adventuring with your adult mermaid friends on some exotic reef. The fact is, MOST mermaid emergencies occur when unsupervised. As much as mermaiding is a magical experience, not-so-great things can happen when mermaiding by yourself or without an eye on you. ALWAYS have a buddy, and remember the one up, one down rule no matter wha!

Protect Yo’self

We all love a sunkissed look, but the sun’s rays are harmful to us when exposed over time. Long-time exposure to sun can cause sun burns, skin damage, skin cancer, and other exposure-related skin issues. When it comes to protection, mermaids have a couple of options: sunscreen and sun protectant clothing.

Sunscreens are a wonderful way to stay protected. However, as mermaids and stewards of the environment, it’s important to be mindful that your sunscreen is eco and reef safe. As we have learned through research, that chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate are harmful to marine environments (and human bodies) and have fortunately banned from sales in certain states. To help avoid using these sunscreens, be sure to READ THE LABEL. Most reef and eco safe sunscreens are creams (instead of sprays) and contain healthy, mineral components that will keep you and our environments safe. Oh, and by the way, did you know that our Sea Star Sparkle Sunscreen is eco-safe, reef-safe, mineral based, and waterproof??? It’s the best of all sunscreen worlds! Click here to get some for yourself!

Another way to stay protected is with SPF clothing. These are great options to help you stay protected from the sun, as well as marine critters, like jellyfish, that have the tendency to ruin your day. Mermaid-themed rash guards and leggings are available all over the internet and etsy!


If you plan on staying outside and/or swimming for a long time, it’s important to hydrate in order to stay healthy. Of course, replacing water is key, but also replacing electrolytes is very important to prevent cramps. Great, healthy places to find electrolytes are in coconut water, water fruits like watermelon and grapes, and in watered-down sports drinks. If you are an adult, it’s wise stay away from (or at least limit) the amount of alcohol you drink on an active, hot day, as that will lead to dehydration.

Hopefully, these tips will help you have a fun, healthy, and happy mermaid summer!